Virtual Workshops




The virtual workshops for youth (6-14 years old) in francization and socialization are an initiative put in place by Épelle-Moi Canada to offer youth a virtual interactive learning environment to stay active in preparation for ÉMC competitions as well as to socialize with others.

Due to COVID-19, ÉMC has had to postpone its regional spelling bee competitions as well as the national spelling bee championship. However, there is talk of implementing activities adapted to the virtual world created by COVID-19 that allow young people to continue to engage in their learning while socializing with their peers.

This is how, supported by a remote communication platform, young people will be able to continue to :

  • learn French through games
  • expand their vocabulary
  • practice French with other young people
  • make new <<FRANCOS>> friends.

These workshops will be offered FREE of charge by ÉMC and facilitated by volunteers. A way for the ÉMC team to support families during this pandemic.

This is a two month project (May & June 2020) that could be extended over a longer period of time depending on the situation.

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