Our program

Épelle-Moi Canada’s Literacy Program

The Literacy program allows each child aged 6 to 15 to understand and master French spelling and spelling concepts. Every child who registers for the program will receive a spelling guide for his or her cycle including the list of words to be studied; he or she will also have training sessions and participation in the regional competition of his or her cycle (primary, junior or intermediate).

Regional competitions are organized either by community organizations (including children from schools that are not part of public or private schools) or schools that participate in the spelling competition (School families).

Literacy proficiency allows each child and youth to understand the amount of information required to organize their ideas and express themselves creatively. We are also aware of research and documentation about the fact that weakness in literary ability can cause social and emotional skill deficits later in life.


  • Ongoing promotion of the collective work of schools and community organizations to promote literacy and spelling in French, youth and education, letters of reference for high school students
  • Development of social skills such as: self-confidence and self-esteem, public communication, engagement of the child in his learning
  • Exploring other French language learning styles and strategies to enable the child to reach his or her full potential.

Program Objectives

To offer young people between the ages of 6 and 14 the opportunity to participate in a unique and rich spelling competition to improve and enrich their knowledge and understanding of the French language, as well as their oral communication, reading and writing skills;

Develop self-esteem, self-confidence and interpersonal skills among youth by matching them with mentors to prepare them before, during and after regional competitions and for the National Championship;

Promote community partnership by engaging members of different communities in the benefits of the program, encourage children and youth to understand and get involved in their education, particularly in the areas of oral communication, reading and writing in French;

Create a network of young mentors, who in turn will introduce other young people to the importance of the French language in Canadian society and the promotion of literacy through collaboration with libraries, school boards, and communities or other organizations with French-language educational programs.



ÉMC Spelling Club

Supported by a study guide, the ÉMC Spelling Club allows our young people to practice spelling words while having fun. A fun time, it takes place in schools, libraries, community centres and also at home.


The ÉCM learning software

This digital tool is another strategy implemented by ÉMC to help young people practice independently. Hosted by interactive young people, our young people have the opportunity to practice their spelling while having fun.



Regional Competition & National Spelling Championship in French

Regional finalists have the opportunity to compete together to test their knowledge in place of all the strategies learned during participation in the ÉMC program. Great prizes to win. Be with us!!!!!



Writing project: My Unknown Hero

CME invites young people aged 6 to 14 to submit an essay about a special person in their life. This activity allows youth to reinvest the spelling learned during program participation.



Volunteer Recognition Gala:!!!!! Help Us to say Thank You

ÉMC invites you to come and celebrate the tireless work of the volunteers, organizations and businesses that have supported the program and its activities throughout the year.



Our young people (15 years old & Over): Leader of Tomorrow!

ÉMC encourages young people aged 15 & over to become more involved in their community by becoming mentors for the youngest and gradually taking over. Our young people are the future of the Francophonie. By becoming bilingual (French & English) citizens, they will further strengthen the strength of our Canadian society.

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