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Dorine Tcheumeleu, EAO
Founder, President & CEO ÉMC

Cameroonian from origin, Dorine Tcheumeleu immigrated to Canada in 2006 from Germany where she studied business management.

In Canada and the USA, she continued her studies and received a bachelor’s degree in Marketing (Specialization: Entrepreneurship, International Commerce) from Davenport University (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) and Saint Clair College (Windsor, ON, Canada).

She worked in the insurance industry at a local company before returning to school to become a teacher since September 2012.

Making a difference in the community is part of her motivations. She is a founding member of the Association of Cameroonians of Southwestern Ontario (ACSOO), where she held several positions, including the 2013-2015 presidentship.

In addition, she is involved in the Community of Africans of Windsor (ACOW) where she served as Vice-President from 2015-2017.

Passionate about the French language, she created Épelle-Moi Canada program in collaboration with Spelling Bee of Canada in October 2016, which is the first national French spelling competition in Canada, to promote the French language and bilingualism among Canadian youth.

Through Épelle-Moi Canada program, she dreams of a better future for French, where young people from different French-speaking countries can meet during an international competition and have fun around this beautiful cultural heritage (French language); as experienced during the Olympic Games with other disciplines.

Épelle-Moi Canada is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and is managed on a day-to-day basis by a permanent team based in Windsor, ON, the Executive Committee.

The activity is relayed in Our Regions, managed by sector and region presidents and organizing committees.

Our team values the French language, in respect of our values and we hope that you share our vision.