ÉMC History

Épelle-Moi Canada (ÉMC) was established in 2016 through a collaboration with the English-language non-profit educational organization Spelling Bee of Canada (SBOC), which has been in existence since 1987.

Indeed, Canada is a bilingual country. French and English are the official languages. However, our young people do not always have the chance to have other extracurricular experiences in French other than those they are exposed to at school.

Hence the need for Dorine Tcheumeleu (Founder of EMC) and her team with the support of Julie Spence (Founder of Spelling Bee of Canada) to set up an educational program that will allow young francophones and Francophiles not only to master spelling in French, but also to develop certain social skills such as public communication, self-confidence , self-esteem, leadership and resilience.

Since its inception, EMC has continued to strengthen its presence in Ontario while providing opportunities for youth in other Canadian provinces and internationally to participate in its educational activities.

Education is the key to success; it’s quite a cultural heritage that Epelle-Moi Canada offers to young people.

Below are the founding members

Dorine Tcheumeleu EAO
Julie Spence
Fondatrice de Spelling Bee of Canada et Membre Fondateur
Guy Merlin Hopogap, EAO
Membre Fondateur
Gulène Fosto Ngaméwé, EAO
Membre Fondateur
Gabriel Ngameni, EAO
Membre Fondateur
Jules Champoux, CPCA
Membre Fondateur
Xavier Ngomsi, EAO
Membre Fondateur
Jeanne Mbousnoum, EAO
Membre Fondateur
Dre Blandine Lesage
Membre Fondateur
Alain Christian Nawé, EAO
Membre Fondateur
Adam Sharrif
Membre Fondateur